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ACE Coalition or the proposed AK/BC Intertie, please
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Alaska Senator Mark Begich
Alaska Representative Don Young
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I have long been supportive of this concept - both as Regional
Forester for the US Forest Service from 1976-1984 and as
Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental
Conservation when Walter J. Hickel was Governor during 1990-1994.  
In fact, at Governor Hickel's direction, I and several others from
Governor Hickel's Administration met with BC Hydro representatives
in Vancouver, BC regarding this subject.

I would be pleased to support the coalition you describe, and would
appreciate receiving additional information regarding the Wrangell
Energy Committee's efforts.  

John Sandor
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Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski
Our Mission: To provide a credible catalyst to the construction of the AK-BC Energy portion of the Southeast Alaska Intertie grid.
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