Press Release Debuts on No. 1 Talk Show in Juneau, AK  Action Line

Paul Southland guest of Murray Walsh

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Juneau, AK - Paul Southland invests sixty minutes explaining the economic opportunities blossoming in Southeast with the promised contruction of the AK/BC electrical transmission intertie. begins promotion of the largest economic opportunity of the Century based on clean "green" renewable electrical energy generation and sale via a link to the north american grid.


With an estimated 10,000 Mega Watts of small hydro available within our region providing a surplus, a national demand, and a federal government promoting investments in "smart grid" technology Southeast Alaskans stand on the bridge to our future.


Wrangell Energy Summit

 Visit the Nolan Center on December 12,2009


Governor Frank Murkowski opening Summit


Brian Yanity will be among a host of international experts in the energy field presenting and participating in round table discussions focused on the positioning of Wrangell to capitalize on renewable energy infrastructure..


Overwhelming Support for AK/BC


A display of overwhelming support for the AK/BC Transmission Intertie has been compiled by coalition volunteers and will be displayed at the Wrangell Energy Summit in the Nolan Center, for more info click here.


Picture of Paul 


   The Mission of the Alaska-Canada Energy Coalition is to provide a credible catalyst to the construction of the AK-BC Intertie portion of the Southeast Alaska Intertie grid.